Our products are designed with professional adhesives with exceptional durability.

All our adhesives are guaranteed without folds or bubbles if you use a spatula sold in our products and respect our video tutorials to see on the tab:

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Our adhesives are guaranteed for up to 10 years, depending on the colors.

The thickness of the film helps protect the case from scratches.

Specially developed to ensure a very high level of conformability and excellent opacity.

Nothing is irreversible because our adhesives peel easily from the bodywork without damaging it or leaving traces.

Our adhesives are resistant to most oils and greases, gasoline, aliphatic solvents, acids, salts and alkalis.

They are made of High Performance, conformable polymeric vinyls, with great UV stability.

These are mass-colored films which ensure shine and radiance for optimal colors.

They are resistant to UV, abrasions, discoloration.

Maintenance is simple. Cleaning is easy because they are very resistant to cleaning products.

Environmentally friendly, they are solvent-free and harmless products, and do not present any risk to health.

Even on used cars. Give a facelift to your car and your car revamped like new!